THINK TOHOKU 2011-2021 これまでの5年とこれからの5年


On February 27, 2016, we published a concept book including our activities, results, interviews, questionnaire survey and plan for the next five years.conceptbook2016en

>>Concept Book「THE ROAD TO 2021」




  • ETIC. in Action

Goals for the next five years:

Create an ecosystem that constantly poses new challenges

Increase the number of local entrepreneurs

Create model local ventures

To help achieve this, ETIC would like to strengthen collaborations with corporations, municipalities and NPOs who share our goals.



1.ETIC. is innovating the Migiude Fellowship Program.


Promoting the efforts of aspiring young entrepreneurs – Creating 100 local ventures

About 10% of ETIC fellows start their own businesses after their Fellowship is over. Our goal is to triple the number of startups by seeking out entrepreneurs and connecting them to startups in Tohoku.

We will bring innovation to the fellowship to support all phases of starting a new business by providing training to polish business ideas and connecting entrepreneurs to local resources. ETIC. will change the mindset of young people regarding startups, and will work to create 100 new local ventures over the next five years.


New partnerships with local municipalities and hubs

Requests for Migiude Fellows are made by individual business owners. In the future, the Fellowship will expand to include requests from municipalities and organizations that function has hubs in their communities. ETIC. will strategically increase experts/Fellows from certain industries and concentrate on local issues deemed important by partner communities. For example, ETIC. will work with Ishinomaki City in collaboration with apbank, Yahoo Japan, and Reborn-Art Festival. ETIC. plans to expand the fellowship to 10 municipalities in Tohoku, and will then expand country-wide.



2.Strengthening “hub functions” to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem


Building on ETIC.’s business acceleration expertise and network of mentors

The role of hubs in communities that can address issues such as healthcare, fisheries, and tourism is increasingly important. With ETIC.’s know-how and network of nearly 100 business mentors, ETIC. will accelerate the establishment of hubs in Tohoku.


Promoting collective impact to create social impact

ETIC., working with entrepreneurs, major companies, the corporate sector in urban areas, and institutions of higher learning, will establish venues to promote collaborative efforts to address key issues and value creation. ETIC. will continue to strengthen local hubs to foster collaborative value creation.



3.ETIC. will foster momentum for Local Ventures.


Participation in Tohoku Open Academy Executive Committee to foster momentum in all of Tohoku

Tohoku Open Academy organizes 3-day, 2-night field work opportunities to create a community of people interested in contributing to the development of new local economies and communities in Tohoku. In order to expand the number of participants who are interested in addressing challenges in Tohoku, ETIC. will engage all of Tohoku to maximize the Academy’s impact in the region.

Tohoku Open Academy


Accelerate local ventures by collaborating with progressive communities around Japan

In communities such as Nishiawakura, Okayama, individuals are finding innovative ways to use existing local resources such as the forest to start local ventures. ETIC. will promote starting new businesses in rural areas through courses and seminars for aspiring young entrepreneurs in urban areas.



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