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Local Innovators Forum 2016 @Tokyo

The Role of Changemakers in Regional Revitalization: Looking at Examples from Tohoku, Japan and the World

Saturday, February 27, 2016



10:30〜12:00 オープニングパネルディスカッション

Opening Panel Discussion

13:10〜13:50 ローカル・イノベーション戦略会議

Local Innovation Strategic Conference, Plenary Session

14:05〜17:25 ローカル・イノベーション戦略会議

Local Innovation Strategic Meetings

17:45〜18:25 クロージング・セッション

Closing Session

18:40〜20:00 交流会

Networking Reception


Date: Saturday, February 27, 2016, 10:30am – 8pm
Location: Akihabara Convention Hall (One-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station)
Address: 1-18-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Organizers: Japan Society / ETIC.
Support: Nikkei Biz Academy, Reconstruction Agency (Applied), Cabinet Office (Applied)
Fee: ¥3,000 (Includes printout and light meal at the Networking Reception)
Capacity: 400 people (registration is required)
Participants: Practitioners of local innovation in Tohoku and all over Japan · Social entrepreneurs and leaders of regional revitalization from New Orleans, Detroit and New York· Business People from Corporate Management and Planning, CSR and Human resource · Employees from Local, Prefectural and Central Governments · Anyone with Strong Interest in Locally-based Innovation
(Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation will be provided.)
Grant: Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (This fund was launched by Japan Society.)
Sponsors: Mitsubishi Corporation / KPMG Japan


*Program is subject to change.

Opening Panel Discussion(10:30-12:00)

“The Role of Changemakers in Regional Revitalization: Looking at Examples from Tohoku, Japan and the World”

As we think about the future of Tohoku, what can we learn from the experience of other places? In this session, we will look back at the last 10 years in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, Detroit’s recovery from its recent bankruptcy, and Tohoku’s recovery from the past 5 years.

  • Allison Plyer,Executive Director & Chief Demographer, The Data Center, New Orleans
  • Phillip Cooley,Co-founder, Ponyride, Detroit

《Lunch Break》

Local Innovation Strategic Conference, Plenary Session(13:10-13:50)

    Keynote Speech: “Where Do You Find the Wellspring of Innovation?”

  • Rosanne HaggertyPresident, Community Solutions
  • Explanation of the Strategic Meetings (breakout sessions)

Local Innovation Strategic Meetings(14:05-17:25)

We will present 10 strategic meetings with different themes.
The themes are subject to change.

  • “Vacant Homes and Abolished Schools: Using Abandoned Land for Regional Revitalization”
  • “The Rising Cost of Healthcare: Protecting Healthcare through Collective Impact”
  • “On the Global Stage: Local Ventures that Expand Directly into the Global Market”
  • “How to Nurture and Utilize Natural Capital: Strategies to Enlist and Nurture the Next Generation to Work in Primary Sector Industries”
  • “Co-working Space: Detroit’s Creative Space for Nurturing Community”
  • “Regional Revitalization Challenge to Corporations: Why We Need Tri-sector Leaders Now”
  • “Creating Visions for Community through Data: Visualizing the challenges Municipalities to Drive Change”
  • “Creating Safety Nets: Communities Where the Poor, the Disabled, and the Homeless can Participate”

《Break and networking》

Closing session(17:45-18:25)

  • *Local Innovators Pitch

Networking reception(18:40-20:00)


  • Rosanne Haggerty, Founder & President, Community Solutions, New York
  • Jeffrey Schwartz, Executive Director, Broad Community Connections, New Orleans
  • Allison Plyer, Executive Director & Chief Demographer, The Data Center, New Orleans
  • Phillip Cooley, Co-founder, Ponyride, Detroit
  • Daiki Iwasa, Representative Director & CEO, Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc., Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi
  • Yosuke Komatsu, President, Hope for Tomorrow, Onagawa-cho, Miyagi
  • Daiju Takahashi, Executive Director, Eat & Energize the East & President, Oisix Hong Kong
  • Yuka Takahashi, Chairman of the Board, NPO Switch, Sendai, Miyagi
  • Yosuke Kajiya, CEO, Sessionable, Onagawa-cho, Miyagi
  • Masataka Fukao, CEO, PLUS SOCIAL, Kyoto
  • Daisuke Maki, CEO, Forest School Holdings, Nishiawakura village, Okayama
  • Tomoyuki Wada, CEO, Odaka Workers Base, Ltd.


  • Rosanne Haggerty President, Community Solutions

    Rosanne Haggerty is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Solutions. She is an internationally recognized leader in developing innovative strategies to end homelessness and strengthen communities. In 1990, Rosanne founded Common Ground Community, a pioneer in the development of supportive housing and research-based practices that end homelessness. To have greater impact, Ms. Haggerty and her senior team launched Community Solutions in 2011 to help communities solve the problems that create and sustain homelessness. Ms. Haggerty is a MacArthur Foundation Fellow, Ashoka Senior Fellow and Hunt Alternative Fund Prime Mover. In 2012, she was awarded the Jane Jacobs medal for New Ideas and Activism from the Rockefeller Foundation. She serves on the boards of the Alliance for Veterans, Citizens Housing and Planning Council and Iraq-Afghanistan Veterans of America. She is a Life Trustee of Amherst College.

  • Allison Plyer Executive Director and Chief Demographer, The Data Center

    Allison Plyer is Executive Director and Chief Demographer. Dr. Plyer is author of The New Orleans Index series, developed in collaboration with the Brookings Institution to analyze the state of the New Orleans recovery and later to track the region’s progress toward prosperity. She served as an editor for “Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita” (Brookings Institution Press), and is a recognized international expert in post–Katrina demographics and disaster recovery trends. She joined The Data Center in 2001 with 8 years of experience developing the management capacity of nonprofit and micro–enterprise organizations in New Orleans, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Guatemala. She also has almost a decade of experience in the for–profit sector as a marketing consultant to large and small companies including AT&T, Barnes and Noble, Lexus, and Inc. Magazine. Allison received her Doctorate in Science from Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, an MBA from Northwestern University, and a BA from Vanderbilt University.

  • Jeffrey Schwartz Executive Director, Broad Community Connections

    Jeffrey Schwartz is the founding Executive Director of Broad Community Connections, where he has worked since January 2009. A native New Orleanian, Jeff has a decade of community economic development experience, where he has focused on community development finance, small business and real estate development, and the relationship between the health and vibrancy of a community and its built environment. He has a BA in Economics and History from the University of Wisconsin—Madison, and a Master of City Planning degree from MIT, where he studied City Design & Development and Housing & Community Economic Development, and wrote his thesis on fresh food access in New Orleans before and after Katrina. Jeffrey is actively involved with development, planning, and transportation issues in New Orleans, and he serves on the boards of the Industrial Development Board, Regional Planning Commission, and Ride New Orleans, and the New Orleans advisory board for the Trust for Public Land.

  • Phillip Cooley Co-founder Ponyride & restaurateur

    Phillip Cooley is a co-founder of Ponyride (2012), a non-profit that looks to diversify entrepreneurship by offering low barriers of entry to space and time. Over 40 organizations call Ponyride their home with a growing waiting list of 100 applicants. Ponyride is a safe, inquisitive space for social minded entrepreneurs who are collaborative minded and willing to learn and grow from failure. Cooley and his partners started Slows Bar B Q in 2005. Since opening, it has expanded to Ford Field (home of the Detroit Lions), Grand Rapids, MI, and Pontiac, MI (2016), and Slows To Go (catering, carryout and commissary). In 2014 Cooley and another group of partners opened Gold Cash Gold, a farm to table restaurant, in an abandoned pawn shop of the same name. He also works with his family at O’Connor Development as a general contractor. He sits on many Boards including Empowerment Plan, Detroit Soup, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, New Detroit, Knight Foundation Detroit.


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